sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010

Take me

Take me to that place where there´s no lack of air, where the opression doesn´t exist, where the muscles are relaxed, where the environment is full of light and hope, where the colors are brighter, where the joy of life overflows in every corner, where there is no pain, or worries or fear.

Take me to that place where there is no violence between people, where the respect and love reigns over the humanity, where there is no religion, where the people is good because they want to, not because they have to, where the education and the culture are the most valuable factors in the society.

Take me where there is equality, where the people don´t judge because of your sex, or sexual preferences, your social status or profession, where the love and the will of helping the rest of the people is an everyday action. Take me to that place full of trees, sea and fresh air, where the nature dazzles with its beauty, where the people respect the animals and their environment, where the people take care of themselves. and take complete responsability of their actions.

Take me to that utopic place that I have created in my mind, where I can see all the colors, where I can breath again, where the life is enjoyable once again, take me to that little corner in my mind and keep me there, keep me protected, keep me warm and don´t get me out, don´t let me leave, I want to feel the strength again, the will, the power, the happiness.

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